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This one is to humor Aaron.


We don’t have shit they haven’t threatened to take. Going after everything they think will make you break. From the bored kids, to the suicidal psychiatrists, everyone for their own interests like good capitalists. And we’ve taken it, for years and years, sitting here thinking we have nothing to fear. But fuck that, and fuck us, what are we doing sitting around, taking in the sights and sounds of a fascist state? Just sit still and wait. Everything you want’s in a waiting room somewhere, with shitty old newsrags and a blank stare. Yeah, I’m shocked and appalled, just a little dismayed: everyone’s only thoughts are getting paid, laid, or entertained. When there’s a state to smash, kids to be fed, so many adults better off dead. We are trash, and on garbage we’re fed. So what shall we abuse today? Drugs, alcohol, our kids, or just our own brains? Mind-numbing monotony, teenage, middle-age, geriatric lobotomy. Simple tasks of waking up, into town, tie tight, eyes down. Every rule and principle, followed to the syllable, listening attentively, dreamily, unforgivably to words of wisdom, following ‘em, instead of killing ‘em. And I’m the worst of ‘em all, a hypocrite with less wit than witlessness, wishing to impress for its own sake, talking about give and take when there’s a state to smash, kids to be fed, so many adults better off dead. We are trash, and on garbage we’re fed. So forget yourself in the rhythm. Let it all go slowly. Soon enough you won’t feel dumb, useless, or lonely. Because the dead feel nothing, and we might as well be. Just look at me, spewing rot and wishing I was somewhere far-off, blue sky, no questions or reasons for why. But it’s not to be, not for me, or any of us. In the beat we trust, and little else.


from Sometimes I Doubt Your Commitment (EP), released January 17, 2013




sHOCKED & dISMAYED Helena, montana

4 years and still going! We've lasted longer than most celebrity marriages! To our two former members and five fans, we love you more than life itself! [of course, since our collective philosophies mix utilitarianism with nihilism and general hopelessness, that isn't very much] ... more

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